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Company news about Higher Precision tube for shock Absorber and Gas shock

Higher Precision tube for shock Absorber and Gas shock


Latest company news about Higher Precision tube for shock  Absorber and Gas shock

Precision Tubes is expanded the diameter of the pipe to finish the process that is the thermal expansion of the pipe production. These pipes are used in various application industries like oil and gas, automotive, shipbuilding, power plants, sugar mills and distilleries, cement and construction industries etc.

Standard shock. This oil-filled shock doesn’t come with special features but can last for up to 100,000 miles. This is typically offered by OE manufacturers.

Gas shock. The gas shock is commonly used in smaller vehicles. Like the standard shock, this type also uses oil for cushion. But unlike other types, this is designed with pressurized nitrogen gas inside for keeping the shock cooler and the oil from thinning out or foaming.

Overload shock. Also known as the coil-over-shock, this is usually found in off-road vehicles. Its shock cylinder has a coil spring fitted around it.

Heavy-duty shock. This type of shock is commonly used in trucks, vans, and passenger vehicles with larger loads. This comes with a larger diameter, reinforced attachment points, and bigger center shaft, designed for rugged use and for the extra load.

Automatic level control shock. The level control shock is usually used in luxury vehicles. It is equipped with an electrically operated air pump, which is activated (using sensors on the suspension) in case of added load or extra weight.

Air shock. This is an aftermarket shock absorber that is commonly installed on the rear of trucks and vans. It’s designed with an air inlet for pressurizing the shock with air and for pumping it up to raise the vehicle. But unlike the level control shock, this must be inflated. Shock absorbers are suspension components that are responsible for absorbing the impact of a vehicle's movements.


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